gadeabioStarted dancing at age 8, focus ing on classical ballet. Discovered oriental dancing on 2000.

Since 2008, sherun she rown dance school in downtown Madrid (Spain) and collaborate sons everal national and international festivals, both as dancer and as teacher (Barcelone, Seville, Valencia, Valladolid, Pamplona, Castellón, Burgos…).

Since 2009 she travels to Cairo every year to keep learning and also organize strips with her students. In 2010 Cristina created “ Driadanse Bellydance Group” with social aims. Itis a non-professional, nonprofits belly dance group, advance level students who want to participate. We dance in Hospitals, Palliative Care Centres, Handicapped Centres, Prisons and other social task centres in general.

In Spain, she’s a cast member of “Luna de Oriente” and tours with the mall around Spain and France.

2011 she’s a cast member of “BellydanceEvolution” by Jillina in Italy/Praha tour with “Inmortal Desires” show. In 2012 travell to Los Ángeles (USA-California) for the premier of the “BellydanceEvolution” new show “Darkside of the Crown” continuing in to the summer tour of 2012 in Washington and New York (USA), in NY also perform as a solo dancer.

In August of 2012 is part of the final six finalists of “Project BellydanceSeasson 2”, a reality show of bellydance by Michelle Joyce in San Francisco (USA).

In 2013 isco-sponsor and organizer of the show “DarkSide of The Crown” from “BellydanceEvolution” byJillina in Madrid along
with workshops taughtbythe principal dancers (Jillina, Sharon Kihara, Kaeshi Chai, Louchia y HeatherAued) in Spain inside the tour Austria-Spain.
In octubre 2013 will be on tour in USA, dancing and teaching workshops in New York with “Bellyqueen” Dance Company by Kaeshi Chai in the 15 aniversary of Bellyqueen with “Journey Along the Silk Road” show . Also will be in Arizona “Zicrayat featuring Tito Seif” show by Amanda Rose.

In 2014 is called to dance again with Bellydance Evolution Company for the premier of the new show “Alice in Wonderland” in Los Angeles (USA) and booked for private events in Fes and Casablanca (Morocco) as soloist and also with her own company.

In 2013 creates its “Amateur Oriental Ballet Ballet Cristina Gadea” include distinguished students of the school and working with throughout the Spanish geography and in 2014 created his Professional Company “Dream Bellydance Company” formed by professional oriental dance and flamenco he works in Morocco.

In 2015 it is summoned again by the company “Bellyqueen” byKaeshi Chai as part of the main cast on his tour of Asia, giving workshops and performed in Bangkok (Thailand).

Since 2013 is co-organizer of Muzalat International Festival in Madrid along with two other schools specialized in oriental dance Madrid, Sahra Ardah and El Karnak.

In 2014 he created his own company Dream Bellydance Company with which he works at the National area (Ávila, Segovia, Madrid, Toledo) and International in Morocco (Fez, Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat) and Germany (Berlin) with his two shows “Oriental Fantasy” , the exotic journey from east to west “and” Egiptianos, looking for the origin of flamenco “(More information in the Company section). He is currently preparing different projects for Morocco in the line of fusion with flamenco with different Moroccan classical music orchestras.

Currently the focus is on classes at his studio in Madrid, travels as a dancer and teacher from Spain and abroad, the address of your Company Professional “DreamBellydance Company” along with the design and making of the costumes for this and continue studies Ballet, Flamenco and Bellydance.”

Companies they work:

• 2006-2009 Dunas de Baires, Company directed by his members (Tour Spain)
• 2008-2012 Luna de Oriente by LubnaShakti (Spain and France Tour)
• Since 2011 Bellydance Evolution(USA) byJillina (European, USA and Morocco Tour )
• Since 2013 Bellyquen (USA) by Kaeshi Chai ( NY and Bangkok )
• Since 2014 colaborations with Compañía Fusión Contrastes Ruiz-Mancera (Spain) , by Adolfo Ruiz y Pedro Mancera (Spain Tour)
• Since 2014 Dream Bellydance Company (Spain) by Cristina Gadea (Morocco tour: Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech)

As organizer of shows and festivals:

• Aquitania Show in Madrid 2010
• Valencia en Madrid Show in Madrid 2011
• Bellydance Evolution Tour Viena –Madrid 2012
• Coorganicer of Muzalat International Festival in Madrid desde 2013
• Students Annual Gala Soloists.
• Students Annual Show End of Course.

Festivals she has attended as a teacher and dancer:

• Festival Internacional by Patricia Beltrán in Pamplona 2008
• IV Festival Internacional de Valladolid by Anisa Saghira, 2009
• Festival Nacional de Sevilla by Lili de Sevilla 2009
• Esencias Festival Nacional de Barcelona by Raquel Cruz, 2010/2011/2012/2013/2015
• Latidos del Nilo by LeenaQadi in Madrid 2010
• Valencia Journey by Teresa Tomás in Valencia 2011
• Fusiones de Oriente by Montse Bermejo in Madrid 2011
• Dancing Shadows by Lucia Wegner in Madrid 2012
• Gala Nacional Artdrawis por Yasmina Andrawis in Madrid 2012
• Gala Internacional Artdrawis by Yasmina Andrawis in Madrid 2012
• Al-Kulthumiath Alicante by Narjees Montaser in Alicante 2012
• Zycrayat Festival Internacional by Amanda Rose in Phoenix-Arizona-USA 2013
• Proyecto Oriental by SahraArdah y Celia Rashmi in Madrid 2013
• Oriental Fusión by Natalie Nazario in Puerto Rico 2014
• Raqs Tenerife by Hiurma 2015.
• Glamour Oriental in Sevilla by Nureen 2016
• Raqs Tenerife by Hiurma 2017.
• Miss Bellydance Malasia (Kuala Lumpur) por Brancy 2017
• Talleres en Bangkok (Tailandia) por Rumpuree Studios 2017
• BellyBurgos por Compañía Jayal 2018