Escuela de Danza Oriental Cristina Gadea

Schedule 2018-2019


Horario curso 2018-2019










with Cristina Gadea:


-1 ° Level Begginers, basic technique I, we started from the beginning.

2° Level, basic technique II continuing with what was learned in the previous course.

3° Level, basic technique III we continue with what we learned in the previous course.

Medium Level, medium level technique for students who have been at least 3 years taking classes.

Advance Level, advanced technique for students who have been taking classes for at least 5 years.

-Professional Level, course aimed at dancers and professionals, teachers or advanced students who want to improve their technique, accuracy and stage presence, continue to train regularly and expand repertoire. Go further in your own style and get the best out of yourself. In this group you can not come to recover lost classes at other times.

CLASS DYNAMICS: In these classes weworkonthe technique corresponding to each level, turns, sequences of displacements and sequences to integrate the technique and get fluidity when joining movements, a very complete class full of nuances where the classic and the modern come together.

Only Technique, 100% Accuracy, open level. Reinforce the precision of your movements with a class dedicated exclusively to the technique.

Interpreting the Classics, in this class we forget the technique, we delve into the expression and feeling of each song and how to interpret it, in the musical knowledge of each instrument, main classical genres and singers as well as the history of oriental dance to through its most representative dancers and styles. Open level.In this group you can not come to recover lost classes at other times.

-Flamenco-Oriental, discover the most characteristic elements of flamenco and its character fused with oriental dance, steps, sequences with markings, handsand arms, característicsmovements and turns.

-Only Choreography, we will learn choreographies of different register and style. In this class group connection exercises will be done, choreographies oriented to group movement creating different figures.


1h per Week> 45€ per month> quarterly payment 120€.
1:30h per Week> 60€ per month > quarterly payment 165€.
3h per Week> 80€ per month > quarterly payment 225€.
Private lessons> 35€ per hour, with a bonus of 10 classes at 30€ per hour.
Single classes: 1h> 15€, 1:30> 20€.